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Please do reach out for a no-obligation initial consultation to discuss a business proposal.
Our firm is continually looking to add to our existing deep bench network of introducers that can add value to our business. If you are an investment/purchase/sales agent for real estate, hard assets or operating businesses, lawyer, accountant, restructuring/turnaround/PE professional interested in referring a particular deal to us and earn a referral fee upon successful completion, then please do get in touch to discuss further.
Our firm is continually looking for suitable investment partners with which to undertake real estate projects on a joint venture basis. Please do get in touch to schedule a presentation where we showcase our capabilities.
Despite welcomed technological advancements, the alternatives markets are very much people-oriented businesses, the quality of our business therefore is tied to the quality of the professionals within the firm and we strive to maintain a dynamic and entrepreneurial team committed to professional excellence. We seek highly talented, independent-minded originators, sales traders, research and operations professionals who excel in a performance-driven environment, and who have an ambition to take territorial ownership within a segment of our product/geographical platform.
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+44 (0) 20 3865 2432
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